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All about French Connection Plumbing

For Frenchy it’s been a long but satisfying road to become the trusted source for emergency plumbing in Carmichael that we have all come to rely on.

In 2004 after getting laid off from a large plumbing company, that was looking for cheaper labor, Gerard “Frenchy” Nikache started his business, Frenchy’s Plumbing. Showing true entrepreneurial spirit with just $700 he purchased a work vehicle, a Dodge Aries. Frenchy made a living providing basic plumbing services, like installing faucets and replacing p-traps in Carmichael and the surrounding areas.

In 2006, with $1500, he upgraded to purchase a Ford truck from a friend. Shortly thereafter he bought his first drain snake and the rest, as they say, was history. Business started to boom. Adding to his plumbing services, Frenchy started drain cleaning in the surrounding suburbs and as business continued to grow he purchased a Ford Ecoline van to help him cope with the extra equipment and parts that his busy business required. In 2008, Frenchy had enough business to get a contractors license and became a plumbing contractor.

Years went by and the friendly service and reasonable prices continued to generate a loyal customer base. In 2014, Frenchy was able to expand his business outside Carmichael. Business became so good that he began considering that his next work vehicle upgrade needed to be a sturdy truck and so Frenchy decided to buy a brand new 2014 Chevy work truck, a far cry from the humble Dodge Aries he started with.

French Connection plumbing continues to grow and to cope Frenchy has added to his team a group of talented plumbers to handle your plumbing problems, but importantly he has always maintained his morals. He believes in a customer first approach. Frenchy’s hard work and can do attitude has been the back bone for the growth of French Connection.

Not only is Frenchy a fantastic plumber, but he is also an amazing person with a huge heart. French Connection continues to thrive and obtain new happy and loyal residential and commercial plumbing customers everyday. Why not give us a call today for your plumbing needs?!

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