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The service area for French Connection Plumbing covers a wide geographic area around Carmichael.  

We can do plumbing repair, unblock drains, residential and commercial plumbing, drain cleaning, emergency plumbing, finish plumbing, gas-line work, fixing leaks, re-piping, bathroom remodelling, rough plumbing, sewer lines, top-out plumbing, trouble shooting, installing water heaters and much more!

Residential and Commercial Services

Leak Detection – To detect leaks we use our leak detection equipment, literally listening for the leak in the wall or in the floor. Once the leak is detected the repair process can start. Water Leak Repair in Carmichael.

Slab Leak Repair – Slab leaks can become very cumbersome for most plumbers; however, French Connection’s amazing experience and skill allows us to fix what other plumbers can’t. The repair process starts with carefully cutting the concrete to not cut the water-line. Once the leak is exposed the pipe can be fixed. Contact us TODAY for Plumbing Repair in the Carmichael area.

Gas-Line Addition – A gas addition can be done almost anywhere (if UPC permits it). At French Connection we get the gas to where ever you need it to go.

Gas-Line Replacement – If you have a leaking gas-line, we can replace it; if need be, cut and thread a new pipe.

HydroJET – ​We use a high powered gas engine to propel water through our sturdy hose. The head of the hose is not your standard head. The special “JET” head shoots water in four different directions. The water pressure expelled from the hose is stronger than a pressure washer. This allows all the food or grime to come off the sides of the pipe. We feed the JET into kitchen-lines or sewer-lines, depending on where the backup is occurring.

Snake – We use the finest quality steel snake cable, and sharp heads to clear even the nastiest of clogs. We feed the snake into kitchen-lines or sewer-lines, depending on where the backup is occurring.

We do full remodels or minor remodels. No job is too big or too small. We install hand picked fixtures by the customer and re-plumb when necessary. We also have the ability to sub-contract fantastic tile work. We also have the ability to sub-contract other trades.

Wirsbo or PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) is a extremely flexible alternative to copper water lines. Not only is PEX more flexible but it’s also inexpensive compared to copper. PEX is ran from the water main, then to the water heater and finally distributed throughout the house. PEX increases water pressure.

If you get into an urgent bind and need help, French Connection is your plumber. We try to respond quickly to each emergency call received. We will always keep you in the loop on a time table on estimated time of arrival. Clogged sewer-lines, clogged kitchen lines or broken mains, no matter how severe your house problem is, French Connection make every effort to find a solution.

Sewer-Line Inspection – We put our high-clarity water-proof camera into your sewer-line, to diagnose and find out what the obstruction is. A small HD TV streams the footage live; therefore you are able to see the camera’s feed as it journeys through your sewer-line.

Sewer-Line Replacement – If you have an old cast iron or Orangeburg pipe, upgrade to our durable ABS pipe instead. Not only will your sewer-line look better; it will flow better as well.

Trench-Less Sewer-Line – If you have a sewer-line under your driveway, worry not, French Connection has your solution. We offer trench-less sewer-lines. This is a process in which we burrow under the concrete with a special machine and only dig enough to make the connections.

Finding a good rough-in plumber can be hard. Let French Connection make that decision a little easier. With over 35 years of experience French Connection’s plumbers know how to rough. We stay up to date on all the latest Universal Plumbing Code to put the customers mind at ease.

Gas – We take the up-most care when installing brand-new top-quality gas water heaters. Do you have a leaking water heater? Let us haul it away for you and install a brand-new one today.

Electric – Is electric more your style? If you have an outdated, energy sucking electric water heater, let us install a brand-new energy saving unit and save you dollars.

Tank-less – We also offer tank-less water heaters also known as on-demand hot water. Tank-less hot water heaters are designed to heat water as it comes directly from the mains without the need for storing it. Therefore there is no limit on the amount of ready to use piping hot water!

Here at French Connection, troubleshooting is an area of expertise. We are very cautious and attentive while diagnosing the problem. Regardless of where your problem lies French Connection will do it’s very best to find the culprit!

At French Connection, there isn’t one job we haven’t seen. If you need a vent in your kitchen or laundry, we can do that!

We install new fixtures with the up-most care and precision. When it comes to UPC and fixtures, we are up to date on all the codes and regulations. You hand pick the fixture, and we install it. It’s that simple. ​

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